custom collage dog portrait made from magazine paper clippings by artist Emmie Brown of Pet Pieces
artist Emmie Brown of Pet Pieces


“For as long as I can remember, I have loved making art, particularly portraits. I am not sure what prompted the ten-year-old me to create a portrait of Santa Claus from magazine clippings, but it has been my mother’s most prized possession ever since. I went on to do more and more ‘collage’ portraits, including one of my first dog, Pepper. I loved bringing together two of my passions--dogs and art. Since then, it has been a joy for me to create portraits of other people’s pets, and to see the joy that my portraits bring to their owners."


“Each portrait begins with a stack of magazines and a photo of my 'subject.' During my tedious clipping process I not only search for the perfect tones, colors, and patterns, but I also love to find random little images and words that make each piece uniquely its own. I then arrange and glue the pieces down from eyelashes to ears until I am satisfied that I have captured the subject’s likeness and personality.”



Emmie Brown graduated from Flagler College in 2013 with a degree in graphic design. She currently lives and works in her hometown of Ponte Vedra, Florida with her fiancé Craig and their two dogs Buster and Brizzie.

Fun Fact: There is a little butterfly in each Pet Pieces portrait

In memory of Sully. He didn't live long, but he sure made the most of life!

Buster & Brizzie: Official Pet Pieces representatives


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